The resort, offering 150 units, tested our product and confirmed 15% saving of their room’s electricity consumption. Edward will be happy to confirm. www.breakersresort.co.za

Edward Pillay: Maintanence Manager
Breakers Resort
We invested in the quality EnerGsaver Geyser Blankets in order to save in the long run. We’ve only been happy since the beginning.  Botany Bay website




Wayne : 031-202-18 29 Botany Bay B&B

We have had EnerGsaver Blankets for 3 year. They’re so good that even when we had to replace a geyser, we were able to simply reuse the blanket on the new geyser. www.teremok.co.za




Ninette du Plessis : Manager Teremok Botique Lodge & Spa

Bought 12 Geyser blankets in 2010, and then bought another 5 more. www.floridaparkhotel.co.za





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