Such simple installation, anyone can do it.
All parts required for the installation are pre-cut and included in this kit.

Step 1.

Wrap Blanket around Geyser (You may need to make a few cuts in the blanket to accommodate piping and backets.)


Step 3.

Fit side covers and adjoin all round to Main Blanket with the Sealing tape (You may need to make a few cuts in the side covers to accommodate piping)



Step 2.

Make sure that the Geyser’s entire surface is fully covered. Adjoin both edges of The Blanket and any cuts with the Sealing Tape


Step 4.

Use the narrow (100mm) insulation strip to wrap around the outlet pipe. Use sealing tape as needed.


We have had EnerGsaver Blankets for 3 year. They’re so good that even when we had to replace a geyser, we were able to simply reuse the blanket on the new geyser.

Ninette du Plessis : Manager Teremok Botique Lodge & Spa